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Master Bakers And Confectioners

Zambika has a team of highly skilled confectioners handcrafting premium confectioneries

Bread Is Not Boring

Start your day with one of our amazing everyday loaves

or our selection of health breads

Feeding Families

Zambika Feeds over 150 families by feeding yours. We employ a large workforce to bring you fresh bread and confectionery daily. Buy Zambika and feed a family

“for the love of bread”

We have been baking quality bread and

related products since 1999

Bread And Rolls

We supply freshly baked bread and bread rolls daily. Our wide selection ranges from Standard White and brown bread to hotdog rolls and sesame seed hamburger rolls.

Confectionery Selection

We stock an assortment of confectionery items from fruit buns to queen-cakes all freshly baked and delivered.

speciality Breads

We offer the largest assortment of healthy bread in Zambia, from Rye to whole wheat and more.

7138 Mwembeshi Road

Lusaka, Zambia

021 128 8119