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Zambika Healthy Living Range

Introducing our new whole wheat and healthy  bread selection. We have baked a range of world class healthy living breads to help you with your diet and nutrition. We do not use any artificial colours or flavours

German Loaf

Our German Loaves are not only high in fibre and are healthy but they are made from a specific recipe to ensure that non of the goodness is lost in the baking process. Our bakers take the greatest care and pour love into the process.

Low GI 9 Grain

Made specifically with your health in mind, this bread is made from whole wheat flour and is baked with 9 different grains. This bread is high in fibre and covered in healthy seeds. One serving contains 20% of your daily target of whole grains.

Rye Bread

Rye bread has been proven to improve weight loss as compared to wheat bread, it also lowers the insulin response and lowers the glucose profile. It is a satisfying meal that keeps you fuller for longer.

Whole Grain

Roughage galore, this amazing bread gives you a power punch of fibre and fills you up. It works very well with many diets and is the most recommended bread for fitness regiments.

Multigrain Burger Rolls

Not all burgers are equal. Some are made with whole grain healthy flour without any additives or colourants and these super burger rolls help you stay healthy without giving up your favourite meal.